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Customised Consultancy Services and Programmes

What makes EQWIP unique as a consultancy in social care is my flexibility and bespoke, made-to-measure programmes available to organisations throughout North West, UK. Below you will find an overview of designed programmes. However, all services are developed to meet your unique needs with details confirmed in a service level agreement.
Care Certificate
Leadership & Management
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  Licenced by Skills for Care
Lead to Succeed Programme - Aspiring Managers
Quality Assurance
  Successful behaviours for leaders and managers
 Developing a positive culture
Managing Apprenticeships
  Effective Supervision
 Leading and managing the process of change
Organisational Change Management
Leading and managing the inspection process
People Who Use Services Involvement Strategies
Workforce and Curriculum Development

Leadership and Management Programmes

Lead to Succeed - 5 day programme

Practical and interactive workshops held over a 10 week period

Effective and Non Bureaucratic Assessing for Care Certificate - ½-day session

Best practice in assessing knowledge and performance for the Care Certificate. Practical ways in how to manage the assessment process that is time effective and non-bureaucratic.

Principles of Successful Self-Assessment Process and Report Writing– 1-day session

Self-assess against the KLOE 5 basic questions or revised Ofsted standards. Identify areas of strengths and areas for improvement with the use of facts, data and customer feedback. Familiarise yourself with the KLOE Self-Assessment Toolkit (residential or community £50). Proactive approaches to action planning and rectifying issues. Prepare for PIR.


The workshops will be interactive utilising facilitator input, group discussions, Internet research and practical resources.

Each learner is unique; therefore information about the learners experience and qualifications will be required prior to the delivery in the form of a mini CV and a list of what programme objectives they are looking for.

Care Certificate

Session 1 Communication, Roles and Responsibilities, Supervision, Your Personal Development, Duty of Care

Session 2 Communication, Person Centred Care, Equality and Diversity, Privacy and Dignity, Handling Information

Session 3 Health and Safety, Infection Prevention and Control, Handling Information, Person Centred Care

Session 4 Communication, Fluids and Nutrition, Handling Information, Person Centred Care

Session 5 Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability, Person Centred Care

Session 6 Safeguarding, Duty of Care, Handling Information, Person Centred Care

These workshops or one to one sessions require 4 hours delivery per session and will require observation of practice to support the learning by a member of your staff. Support materials are available including observation of performance pro formas. Additional drop in support sessions can be arranged. These sessions can be delivered as stand-alone units or a complete programme can be purchased.

Each learner is unique; therefore information will be required prior to delivery on their learning styles and basic literacy and numeracy skills. A paper based or on line assessment of these skills will be requested.

Each workshop or one to one session will be tailored to meet the learners’ needs. Within each workshop participants will be exposed to a variety of activities that support the learning process. Each learner will be asked at the end of each session to reflect on the learning that has taken place and identify how he or she will put this learning into practice. Each learner will be involved in the evaluation of the session content, delivery and learning experience at the end of each session


EQWIP can offer consultancy to support leaders and mangers in the following areas of expertise:

  • Quality Assurance processes, systems and approaches
  • Organisational change

  • Managing Apprenticeships within your organisation
  • Developing involvement strategies for effective engagement of customers and people who use your services

  • Workforce development planning and bespoke training and development solutions

I offer excellent professional services at very competitive rates:

Leadership and Management Programmes - Lead to Succeed (5 days)
                                                                - Assessing for Care Certificate (1/2 day)
                                                                - Self Assessment Report Writing (1 day plus assignment)

Lead to Succeed price: Groups of up to 12 people, price negotiable. Individuals - £350 per person (workforce development fund listed)

Assessing for Care Certificate price: Groups of up to 12 people negotiable, Individuals - £70 per person

Self Assessment price: Groups of up to 12 people negotiable. Individuals £100

Consultant based in Preston.  Travel costs will be charged if outside North West Region (45p per mile)

Care Certificate

Groups of up to 10 people

£200 per session

£1000 Full programme (6 sessions)

Individual or PA rates £20 per hour plus travel costs (45p per mile)